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Apr 2016


The Chin Family

As your independent and impartial guide, The Chin Family is the ideal resource for free information, resources and programmes on managing your money effectively.

Chin Family
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Begin your financial journey here

Begin your financial journey here!

Are you ready to take on life's financial challenges? Learn more with this fun and informative guide filled with useful tips on the big financial decisions you will make on your life's journey.

Where are you on your life's journey?

Would you like to know more about managing your pocket money? Insurance? Or planning for your retirement? We have all the tips you need, whether you're just starting out or getting ready to retire, as well as information for teachers and parents.

Click on the character below who most resembles you, and start learning!

Coming soon – Be our Guest!

Coming soon – Be our Guest!

Former journalist Ryan Lau will share his experiences and tips on effective money management.


The Chin Family is an independent and impartial financial education platform providing free education information, resources and tools. We help people in Hong Kong to plan and manage their finances by making financial learning simple and enjoyable. The Chin Family is managed by the Investor Education Centre, which is supported by the Education Bureau and all four financial regulators.

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