Investor Day 2013

A total of 950 participants participated in the Investor Day 2013 which was jointly organised by the IEC and the Open University of Hong Kong on 20 April 2013. This is the first large-scale investor education seminar after the establishment of the IEC where financial professionals shared insights on investment strategy and risk management.

"Investment strategies in today's global economy"
- by Ms Kerry Ching, Former Chairman, Hong Kong Investment Funds Association.

  • Investment strategy for the coming year
  • Investment portfolio for young and middle-age adults

Content summary (Chinese only)
"Understanding the big picture: Be aware of macro-economic risks to your investment portfolio" 
- by Dr Law Ka Chung, Economist

  • The importance of understanding risks
  • Be aware of macro-economic risks
  • Hints from macro-economic statistics

Content summary (Chinese only)
"Points to note when investing in high-yield investment products" 
- by Mr Steve Chiu, Chairman, Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong

  • Selecting high-yield investment products
  • High interest rate vs high growth rate
  • Risks of investing in high-yield investment products

Content summary (Chinese only)
"Making use of fundamental and technical analysis during investment and risk management" 
- by Mr Philip Tsoi, Seasoned professional from the securities industry

  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Risk management when investing in  warrants, callable bull / bear contracts and options

Content summary (Chinese only)


Videos of the above seminar will be available soon. Stay tuned!