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  How will Brexit affect you?  
Find out how the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union can potentially impact you.
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Financial Products
  What you should know about crowdfunding?  
Crowdfunding is changing the landscape of the finance industry and bringing new borrowing and investment opportunities to consumers. Before you jump in to be part of the "in-crowd", it's important to understand the risks involved.
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Life Events and You
Get ready for your financial journey

Congratulations, graduates, on landing your first job!

Tempting as it is to spend your pay on that big-ticket item you've been wanting for so long, it's also the time to start your path to financial independence.

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  Education programmes for retirees More >
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Money management tips for tertiary students  
IEC Chairman, Professor Leonard Cheng, provides insights into tertiary students'spending behaviour and offers money management tips in an interview with Finance Magazine.
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  Five credit card tips
from Chin Jr
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Tools and Resources  

Money Tracker

An all-in-one companion to plan your budget and track expenses.

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