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  Keeping an eye on the US presidential election  
The US presidential election which will take place on 8 November stands to be one of the most divisive and polarizing in US history. What should you note and how will your investments be affected?
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  Hong Kong ranked overall 5th in money management  
An OECD research on the level of financial knowledge, attitudes and behaviours showed that Hong Kong came in 1st in financial knowledge, 8th in behavior and 29th in financial attitude. Find out how Hong Kong stacks up globally.
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Life Events and You
  Spider Girl: Preparing for triplets  
Hong Kong's Spider Girl and athlete Lisa Cheng is a mother of triplets, she uses the "Having a Baby" budgeting worksheet to manage the expenses of raising her new-borns.
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  The Chin Family visits the communities  
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  Tools and Resources  

Debt calculator

Get an overview of all your personal debts and tips to help you manage your debts.

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