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  Mobile phones to replace cash in the future?  
With the rise of mobile payments and HKMA's recent licensing of the first batch of five stored value facilities providers, the prospect of mobile phones replacing cash may not be so far away. Mobile payment users can learn more about how to protect their money here.
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Life Events and You
  How to avoid financial fraud?  
Scammers are making use of different tactics to con people out of their money. But in many cases, new scams are just variations of old tricks. Be alert and read more about how to avoid financial frauds.
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  Junior Chin X Shakepearelove
Long term planning is key to a solid, long-lasting relationship. Start planning your finances early for a better future together.
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Shopping can be fun, and sometimes it's just too hard to resist the temptation, especially during the sales season where everything looks like a bargain. Fear not! We have five strategies to help you control impulse buying.
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Tools and Resources  

To avoid living from paycheck to paycheck, use Money Tracker app to monitor your expenses.

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