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ICOs and cryptocurrencies: Nine key risks

ICOs and Cryptocurrencies: Nine Key Risks

Initial coin offering (ICO), a form of online fundraising, has drawn much attention and caused a frenzy in the cryptocurrency market. As with all investments that tout potentially high returns, ICOs are highly speculative and come with various types of risks, including the possibility of scams. Here’s what you should know about ICOs.......

Managing Finances When Unemployed

Managing Finances When Unemployed

Being unemployed without a regular income can be stressful. Yet, it's important to stay positive and manage your money carefully. Here are some ways to overcome this difficult period.

Teaching Children About What Things Costs

Teaching Children About What Things Cost

Children normally have no idea how much things cost, and when they want something, it's usually "right now". Parents can try these five tips to encourage children to learn good money values.

The Chin Family “Investor Portal” is now live!

The Chin Family "Investor Portal" is now live!

Looking to be a smart investor? The new Investor Portal is a comprehensive site that provides independent content across a range of financial products to help you better understand the markets and basic principles of investing wisely, and how to guard yourself against risks, frauds and scams. Learn more about World Investor Week, a global campaign to promote investor education and protection, and join in some of the week-long activities.

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