Workplace Financial Wellness Programme


In an IEC survey in October 2015, more than 60% of working adults said they experienced financial stress. Almost 50% were worried about inflation and the economic situation. The percentage was even higher for people nearing retirement, and those new to employment. This is understandable because both groups are at key stages in their lives and face a number of financial challenges.

To meet the financial education needs of working adults, we have developed the following Workplace Financial Wellness Programmes. They target certain groups of employees:


Working adults planning their retirement face a lot of challenges. This programme includes workshops about topics that concern pre-retirees, such as looking at their retirement needs, how to invest for retirement and so on…

Manage my Finance

Young people in their first jobs often have questions when they get their first wage packet, such as how to apply for a credit card, fill in a tax return, and choose MPF funds. This programme helps them financially prepare for the future, through case studies and practical activities.

We have produced workplace financial wellness programmes for a number of government departments, businesses and industry organisations. We can tailor our programmes to both employers and employees, and for different industries.

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