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Before we enter the city, you need to make sure your belongings are safe.What should you do?
You have been given a shopping mission.How would you proceed?
Now the journey begins! you enter a candy store and want to buy a lollipop.How should you pay with your Octopus card?
You are playing an online game and you can't get to the next stage. You're thinking of getting some game point cards to boost your game. What should you do?
You have your eye on the most expensive multifunctional backpack in the stationery store.What should you do?
You enter the department store. Can you tell if the following items are "needs" or "wants"? Please drag the items iinto the correct boxes.
Your adventure is coming to an end. You just remembered that Mum gave you $10 pocket money this morning.What should you do?
We have different types of daily expenses. How should we keep track of them?