In advancing the financial literacy of Hong Kong people, it is important to foster closer communication and collaboration amongst stakeholders. This newsletter serves as a tool to engage the Financial Literacy Strategy 2019 (FL Strategy) supporting organisations and stakeholders through highlighting some of the recent development in financial education (FE) and sharing the approaches to FE by some practitioners.

Financial Secretary expressed support for Financial Literacy Strategy 2019 and financial education work

The FL Strategy has been developed with the aim to establish a conducive environment for more quality FE to take place in Hong Kong. With the presence of The Honourable Mr Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of HKSAR Government, the FL Strategy was launched by the IFEC on 17 January 2019.

Welcoming Financial Literacy Strategy Supporting Organisations

The work to raise the financial literacy of the Hong Kong population needs to be ongoing and requires sustained efforts of many stakeholders. FL Strategy Supporting Organisations form an important base to support advancing the strategy.

Financial Education Champion 2020 award scheme now open for application

Hong Kong has witnessed an increasing and diverse range of FE initiatives. The IFEC introduced the "Financial Education Champion" (FEC) award scheme to encourage and mobilise stakeholders across various sectors to help enhance FE. IFEC is organising the FEC award scheme again this year.

The Community Chest funds a financial education programme run by St. James' Settlement

The Community Chest recognises the relevance of financial literacy in social service projects. In 2018/2019, the Community Chest funded the Future Explorer, a new social project run by St. James' Settlement, which is richly embedded with financial literacy elements.