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Author: Mr Chin15/07/2019

My colleagues were excitedly discussing their 2020 vacation plans this morning in the office because everyone is eager to enjoy the 10-day Easter break just by taking four days of annual leave . I know that there are many like me who love to travel just to relax and hit the reset button.

It is without a doubt that Hong Kongers are smart travelers, always on the lookout for the best flight and hotel deals. But once we hit the road, we are often faced with the dilemma of whether to splurge or be prudent so we won’t be in debt afterwards ?

Keeping track of your budget on the go

I once went on a trip that took me to several destinations. I had to grapple with different currencies and exchange rates. I thought I had stuck to my budget the entire time and treated myself to a shopping spree at the outlet stores. As it turned out, I found out that I had miscalculated the exchange rate and ended up burning a huge hole in my pocket.

I was introduced to the IFEC Money Tracke mobile app (iOS | Android), which supports currency conversions and offers great convenience when on the road. For instance if I input an expense of KRW 8,000 it will automatically convert the amount into Hong Kong dollars, giving me a clearer picture of my spending. Try it out now!

• The IFEC Money Tracker mobile app supports multiple currencies.

• Select a foreign currency and the amount will be converted into Hong Kong dollars.