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Author: Mrs Chin23/08/2023

In the digital era, children are exposed to the internet at a young age, and playing online games is one of their favourite activities. Parents can help their children develop sensible spending habits and prevent addiction to online games or in-game purchases that will result in overspending.

What is “in-game purchase”?

Gamers make “in-game purchases” when they spend money on buying additional gaming tokens to join lucky draws or acquire new props that will help them level up more easily. These in-game purchases and lucky draws are similar to gambling in nature as gamers will be tempted to spend on impulse. Children can be addicted to it and keep spending until they get what they want.

Set rules beforehand

Parents should set ground rules limiting the gaming time and expenses together with their children for them to learn to spend their time and money rationally. If children do not spend wisely, parents should review and record their expenses with them, reminding them to spend within their means.

Parents should always remind their young ones to be responsible for their own actions. For example, they will not receive extra allowance to cover their excessive spending and will have to wait until next month. Children should also be reminded to spend prudently and sensibly on in-game purchases so as to enjoy the fun of online gaming rather than creating financial problems.

Be a smart and disciplined gamer


  • Set up a timetable for study, play and rest
  • Develop a budget, record your expenses and spend within means
  • Stay rational and never make in-game purchases blindly
  • Participate in different activities, such as sports, interest classes and volunteer service, to broaden your horizons and expand your hobbies and skills


  • Link your parents’ credit card to your game account to add value anytime
  • Pursue the latest gadgets, such as mobile phone, keyboard or mouse
  • Lie to your family about online game or in-game purchases


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