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The Chin Family Tour Guide Challenge

[Online game] Chin-tective Bootcamp (For ages 6-8)

Are you looking for ways to keep your children busy during the school holiday? Join this money management training with Detective Chin Chin to learn basic money concepts.

What can you learn from ESG indexes

[Online game] Money Management Adventures (For ages 9-11)

Go on an adventure with Detective Chin Chin to tackle saving and spending challenges. Players will be awarded merit badges after completing the quiz!

Interactive money learning e-stories

A fun way to financial learning

Visit the Global Money Week 2022 page to find out what are the new and interesting learning activities and initiatives that can help you to nurture good money habits in schoolchildren and youths.

Tips to avoid holiday online shopping scams

[Online contest] Learn money concepts and win fabulous prizes

Even though we are home bound these days, we can still let our imaginations flow by planning a virtual day-trip. This online contest provides a fun way for kindergarten and primary students to learn planning and budgeting. Participants will all receive e-certificates and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes.