Using online banking services during the Coronavirus outbreak

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Author: Grandma Chin25/02/2020

Online banking is convenient, but some seniors may still prefer to visit their banks to manage their investments or to conduct various bank transactions. I even know of some friends who do not ATM cards!

Those who rely on onsite banking may find themselves inconvenienced by service disruptions and temporary bank closures triggered by the coronavirus outbreak. According to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, around 20% to 30% of local bank branches are closed for now, so customers should call the branches to check their opening hours in advance. The Hong Kong Association of Banks has also made available on its website the service suspension or business hours adjustment notices of different banks.

Today, online banking and phone banking support a wide range of services, such as money transfers, bill payments, investments and applications for various banking products and services. Many public services and merchants also accept Octopus cards or e-wallet payments, which can be topped up automatically. Though ATM machines throughout the city maintain normal service during the outbreak, the above “e-options” will not only save you a trip, but also a mask, and reduce the risk of being infected from going out.

With or without the outbreak, it is important for seniors to keep up with the times and learn to use online banking and e-wallets. After all, there aren’t as many branches as before.

Let's learn more about online banking from our friends and family members and banking websites. You can even ask the virtual assistant, provided by most major banks, for help when you log into the online banking website.


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