Financial Education Champion

Hong Kong has witnessed an increasing and diverse range of financial education (FE) initiatives. In order to harness enthusiasm and efforts of organisations seeking to improve the financial literacy of Hong Kong people, the Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC) introduced the "Financial Education Champion" (FEC) award scheme in 2018, it aims to:

Financial Education Champion-Quality Award (FEC-Q)
In order to further recognise organisations that have raised the quality of FE in Hong Kong, an additional award, FEC-Q, was introduced. Awardees have provided evidence that evaluation had been conducted to assess the effectiveness of the FE initiative, and have the commitment to conduct on-going monitoring of effectiveness.

Financial Education Champion- Insurance Award (FEC-I)
In collaboration with the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI), the finalists of the Outstanding Financial Education Award of the Hong Kong Insurance Awards (HKIA) will receive the FEC-I awarded by the IFEC. More details will be announced by HKFI around mid of every year.

All supporting organisations of the Financial Literacy Strategy are invited to submit applications during the enrolment period every year. Application is free of charge.

If your organisation is interested in becoming a supporting organisation, please email to with email subject “Become a supporting organisation”. It will usually take around 3-week time for processing application for being a Financial Literacy Strategy supporting organisation.

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Financial Education Champion