Enrolment of Financial Education Champion 2021 will start in May 2020

Entering its third year, the Financial Education Champion (FEC) 2021 will start enrolment in May 2021. Deadline for submission is 5 July 2020. Application details and form can be downloaded at www.ifec.org.hk.

The FEC recognises stakeholders' efforts and contributions to advance financial education (FE) and improve financial literacy in Hong Kong. There are two additional categories:


Financial Education Champion- Quality Award (FEC-Q)

This award recognises organisations which provide FE initiatives that raise the quality of FE in Hong Kong and are committed to monitor their effectiveness on an ongoing basis. Applicants are required to provide evidence that evaluation has been conducted to assess the effectiveness of their FE initiatives.


Financial Education Champion- Insurance Award (FEC-I)

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI), the finalists of the Outstanding Financial Education Award of the Hong Kong Insurance Awards (HKIA) will receive the FEC-I awarded by the IFEC. Further details regarding the enrolment will be announced by the HKFI.

Please join us to congratulate the awardees of FEC 2020, which include leading financial intermediaries, employers and NGOs, etc. We hope more organisations can join them and work towards improving the financial literacy of Hong Kong people.