Learn financial planning and investing on radio

Do you know how to achieve your financial goals? Have you had difficulty in starting your savings and financial plan? Amongst other things, financial planning is one of the most important life skills that everyone should learn to help achieve life goals in different stages.

To help educate the public of the importance of holistic financial planning and investing, the IEC has launched an education campaign produced jointly with Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK).

Entitled "Learn Financial Planning and Investing," the campaign comprises broadcast of 13 five-minute Cantonese dramas and 14 one-minute short radio segments. The five-minute drama series are aired weekly in a midnight programme "Right or Wrong" on RTHK's Radio Two channel at 24.45 every Wednesday, and re-broadcast in another informational programme "Knowledge and Society" at 7.45 every Saturday, from 18 December 2013 to 15 March 2014.

Topical issues relating to money management and financial planning will be delivered through the dramas, with certain episodes specifically tailored for particular target groups such as young adults, pre-retirees and the elderly.

The one-minute segment series focuses on various topical investing issues and financial product education, and covers topic such as points to note when trading securities, channels for subscripting IPO shares, ways of holding shares as well as issues relating to different insurance policies. The segments will be broadcast weekly on Radio Two throughout the day from 6 January until April 2014.

Visit the RTHK website now to listen to the dramas (only Chinese version is available). The full series will be available to the IEC website in May.