Get to grips with investment issues on TV

The IEC has produced a new video interview series on topical investment issues in collaboration with Now TV following the successful rollout of the investment video series in 2013.

Entitled “Talking Investment Risks 2,” the new programme covers a wide range of updates and new topics which include the following:

  • consumers’ rights and responsibilities after the introduction of enhanced regulatory measures about investment-linked assurance scheme (ILAS);
  • features and risks of collective investment schemes and currency-linked deposits;
  • latest developments on Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (RQFII) scheme, Renminbi products and after-hours futures trading
  • macroeconomic risks;
  • channels for new shares subscription;
  • ways of shares holding affecting investors, etc.

Market professionals including representatives from industry bodies and the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and an academic have been invited to speak on the above topics.

The nine-episode interview series (Chinese version only) debuted on Now Business News Channel (Channel 333) at about 7.20 pm every Tuesday starting on 21 January and run until 18 March 2014. Each episode will be re-run for up to 15 times on the same channel for the rest of the week.

The new video series will be available on the IEC website from April, so stay tuned!

Watch “Talking Investment Risk 1” video series (Chinese version only)