Stay up-to-date on the latest market and financial product developments

What are the macroeconomic changes and interest rate risk you need to be aware of? How to manage risks of high yield bond funds and future trading risks during after-hours futures trading?

As an informed investor, there is a need to keep abreast with the latest market and financial product developments. In collaboration with now TV and RTHK, the IEC presented a series of interviews to help you better understand about the macroeconomic changes as well as various features and risks associated with different financial products.

These interviews feature industry experts' views on the current macroeconomic environment and popular financial products and topics which include warrants, stock options, high yield bond funds, after-hours futures trading, renminbi products and investment-linked assurance schemes.

The 10 episodes of TV interviews were broadcast on now TV Business News Channel from March to May 2013. The eight episodes of radio interviews are now broadcast in RTHK One from late May until mid-July 2013.

Now TV interview - Talking investment risks

RTHK interview - Hot topics of finance and investing