Smart tips on insurance

Insurance plays an important role in financial planning by providing people financial protection and coverage against unforeseen incidents and other risks in life.

You can now learn more about the role of insurance and points to note before purchasing various insurance products. Starting from August 2014, the IEC will produce a series of advertorials on insurance entitled “Smart Tips on Insurance” jointly with the Ming Pao Newspaper.

In addition to do’s and don’ts of committing to insurance products, the advertorials feature celebrities from all walks of life who share their views on the role of insurance in their own financial planning; as well as their experiences in purchasing different insurance products such as life, medical, critical illness and travel insurance. These celebrities include star swimmer Sherry Tsai Hiu Wai, fashion designer William Tang Tat Chi, artist Cheung Tat Ming, media veteran Blanche Tang Oi Lam and Candy Chea Shuk Mui.

A total of seven interview advertorials will be published in Ming Pao every Tuesday from 5 August 2014. You can view these advertorials in the Finance section on the Ming Pao website ( and the IEC website starting from mid-October.