Are you new to Hong Kong’s financial services?


As a major international financial centre, Hong Kong’s low and simple tax regime, no restrictions on capital flows as well as no exchange controls have long attracted offshore investors from around the world seeking wealth management opportunities.

Hong Kong offers a wide range of financial products and services to local and international consumers and investors. Do you know which regulator supervises investment advisers in Hong Kong? Can non-residents apply for credit cards and loans? What kind of protection can be offered to consumers and investors?

The IEC strives to help all financial consumers and investors make informed financial decisions. To equip those who are new to Hong Kong with the basic understanding of the local financial market and services available, we have put together a simple guide New to Hong Kong under the “Life Events & You” section on the IEC website. This guide covers the following information:

  • Financial services regulation (eg banking, insurance, retirement, securities and futures, and consumer protection);
  • Financial system and markets (eg monetary policy, interbank market, banking system and securities market);
  • Financial products and services (eg banking services, insurance, funds, stocks, ETFs, derivatives, RMB products, etc);
  • Buying property;
  • Taxation; and
  • Frequently asked questions regarding financial services in Hong Kong

This collection of useful information will be available as a handy booklet which you can download from the IEC website. Keep track of our latest development!