Holistic money
Encourages young adults to plan their finances from young age and promotes responsible attitudes and habits. 
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  Budget planner and
savings goal calculator are now available to assist
your planning.
  IEC's first anniversary   
  20 November 2013 saw
the first anniversary of
the launch of the IEC.
  Wisdom of Financial Planning  
  TV drama series addresses various financial needs and goals at different life stages.  
    Hot topics 

Unconditional mandatory cash offer: Must shareholder accept a mandatory offer? Find out more and choose what is best for you.  Investment-linked assurance scheme (ILAS):
ILAS is a long-term investment-cum-life
insurance product, check out these smart tips when considering to buy.
Investing in a currency-linked investment product is not the same as buying the linked currency directly. Learn more about the product and key risks. Planning on going away for Christmas?
Pay close attention to some of the common exclusions in travel insurance policies.
Medical insurance mostly does not cover everything, learn more about common types of coverage and exclusions.  Shares holding - in paper and electronic form. Learn more about the features.
Key facts statements (KFS):
To understand the key issues of a product before investing, check out how to read product KFS.
Collective investment Scheme (CIS):
CIS means investment products of a collective nature. Common types include, mutual funds
and unit trusts, MPF schemes and REITs.
  Investor Education Day 2013  
  Event and video highlights   
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