Financial planning TV programme

Every aspect of your life requires prudent planning. Amongst other things, personal financial planning is essential as it is a key to deciding how best you can make your money work for you and your loved ones.

In September 2013, the IEC will broadcast ten episodes of short programmes on TVB Jade and HD Jade channels during 22.30 to enhance public awareness of the importance of financial planning and money management.

Topics of each episode include:

  1. What and why financial planning is needed?
  2. How to build a basic financial plan?
  3. Responsible borrowing as part of financial management
  4. Credit management including use of credit card
  5. Role of insurance in financial planning
  6. Build up investment portfolio
  7. Financial planning for young people
  8. Pre-retirement financial planning
  9. Financial planning for retirees
  10. Getting professional financial advice

Stay tuned!