GET $ET GO! Money Management Workshop


Hongkongers love to shop. Stores are everywhere and we love a little retail therapy. This means lots of spending decisions. Sound money management skills are therefore essential, especially for school children faced with so much choice.

There is more to spend on than ever before, and kids can make costly mistakes. That is why we and Hong Kong Family Welfare Society teamed up to develop a unique financial education programme, called "GET $ET GO! Money Management Workshop".

Aimed at junior secondary students, the workshop builds money management skills. Kids learn in practical ways, and develop a healthy attitude towards money. They learn about the huge benefits of saving, as well as the responsibilities and risk of borrowing.

During the two-hour workshop, students role play as a character with a job, wage, debts, monthly spending and financial goals. Students can freely choose to spend their time and money on various activities, such as shopping, working part-time, entertainment or further education.

At the same time students must overcome challenges to help them prepare for the unexpected, and make difficult financial decisions. By taking part in this one-of-a-kind workshop, students learn financial skills they can use straight away. These include: making a budget, tracking expenses, setting and reaching goals.

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