Practical personal financial management programme


Stepping into adulthood, tertiary students take more responsibility for their finances. If they manage their money wisely, it may benefit their financial future. To strengthen the whole-person development of tertiary students, colleges and universities provide more general education programmes and elective modules. Financial literacy education is thus of critical importance for tertiary students and educators.

In response to this, we have worked with various colleges and universities to deliver financial literacy education.

Our Practical Personal Financial Management Programme is embedded into credit bearing elective courses (e.g. Personal Finance; Personal Financial Planning) that tertiary institutions offer to their students. The programme consists of two guest lectures which cover essential financial life skills, money and credit management, financial planning, insurance and investment. The programme also offers students with a mobile app, "IEC Money Tracker", which helps budgeting and tracking expenses.

In early 2016 when the programme was piloted, we conducted evaluation surveys to gauge feedback from the participates to assess the impact of the programme. The key findings are as follows:

For the full evaluation report of the programme, please click here.

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Practical personal financial management programme