Retiree Financial Literacy Ambassador Programme


Many retirees who have just retired from the workplace are eager to give back to the community with their experiences and knowledge. At the same time, these retirees may face a number of challenges when managing their finances: to invest appropriately; to avoid financial abuses or scams; and to prepare for financial matters before and after they pass away.

In view of this, we have designed a financial literacy ambassador programme to provide financial education training for suitable retirees to become ambassadors. The ambassadors can then take part in volunteer services by providing simple financial education messages to other elderly in the community as to improve their awareness of proper financial management.

Since 2015, we have cooperated with The Senior Police Call (SPC), an elderly community relations project managed by the Hong Kong Police Force, by training selected SPC members to become "SPC Wealth Management Anti-Scam Ambassadors". So far, more than 100 ambassadors from different districts in Hong Kong have been trained on topics that cover proper financial management and scam preventions.

In 2018, a team of "The Chin Family 3rd Age Financial Literacy Ambassadors" was also trained. These ambassadors can share their knowledge with other elderly about the new technology that applies daily money matters, proper investing concepts, and financial matters before and after death.


The Chin Family 3rd Age Financial Literacy Ambassador shared how to manage finance properly at an elderly centre

The Chin Family 3rd Age Financial Literacy Ambassadors assisted elderly to experience the use of e-wallets through a simulation game in the Gerontech Expo 2018

SPC Wealth Management Anti-Scam Ambassadors introduced expenses tracking mobile app to others in the Gerontech Expo 2017

SPC Wealth Management Anti-Scam Ambassadors shared tips on scams prevention to a group of elderly


We are happy to work with organisations to train their members to become financial literacy ambassadors. The partner organisation would need to recruit suitable retirees as programme participants and provide the venue for training. After the training the partner organisation can arrange volunteer opportunities for the ambassadors within the organisation’s network. We will provide the training and can also provide education resources, such as booklets or leaflets, for the ambassadors to use when volunteering.

We also welcome organisations which are serving retirees to invite our financial literacy ambassadors to deliver financial education for their members.

Organisations interested in working with us, please contact


14 February 2019