Social Worker Financial Literacy Trainer Programme


The Investor and Financial Education Council, in collaboration with Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service and Child Development Fund of the Labour and Welfare Bureau co-organises the “Social Worker Financial Literacy Trainer Programme”. The programme aims to enhance the financial literacy level of the participating social workers and event staffs, so that they can become financial trainers to organise financial education activities and trainings to children, parents and mentors.



Regular financial trainer workshops are held, with details shown below:

Target group Social workers/event staffs from NGOs/schools
Fee Free of charge
Training content
  • Set financial goals, do budgeting and make plans
  • Saving plan, smart consumption, consumer rights and protection
  • How to teach your kids or mentees about money management
  • Prepare financially for further study and employment
  • How to use games to teach money management


The workshop provides teaching resources to all participants, combined with experiential training and learning activities. Participants will also receive a certificate upon completion of the workshop, and can request observations and follow up of their activities after the workshop.

Over 170 Social workers/event staffs have already attended the workshops, and can easily apply the teaching resources to their own activities. Social workers/staffs who are interested in the programme should keep a lookout on our website for upcoming workshop or join our Social Worker Financial Trainer Programme community to know more about this programme and teaching resources.