Tips for going shopping with children

Teach your kids


What should I do if my child keeps asking to buy toys?

Parents may feel at a loss when their children plead or throw tantrums to get what they want. They might even cave in to fulfil their children’s wishes just to stop their emotional outbursts. If you find yourself in this dilemma, these three tips may come in handy!

1. Stay calm and stand firm

It could be embarrassing and enraging to deal with a child who is throwing a tantrum in public, but you should always stay calm. Stick to your decision even if your child is screaming and crying. Giving in will give the impression that their behavior is an effective way to get what they want.

2. Take the wheel and educate

Take this opportunity to correct misbehaviors and educate your child of proper financial habits. For example:

  • Help children distinguish their “needs” from their “wants” by asking questions like: Do you have similar toys at home? Does your behavior deserve a toy or snack as a reward?
  • Divert your child’s attention for example with a story or suggest visiting the park. Show them that there are many other ways to have fun besides buying things. When they calm down, explain why you did not buy them what they wanted, and that you may not be able to accede to their every request.
  • Help children realise that they must work hard to earn what they want by creating a reward/penalty system in daily life.

3. Plan before you shop

Before going shopping with your child, you should first discuss the rules, like “buying only one snack at the supermarket”. You can also come up with a shopping list with your child and stick to the budget and the list. Anything beyond the list will have to be bought with the pocket money of your child.


3 April 2019