IEC opens market trading session to mark its first year anniversary

20 November 2013

The Investor Education Centre (IEC) today opened the market trading session by striking the gong at the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) to mark the first anniversary of its launch.

Mr Miles Larbey, General Manager of the IEC, said: "We are very glad to have this opportunity provided by HKEx to mark this important milestone. As the IEC turns one year old today, it is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge and thank our many stakeholders, including HKEx, for their collaboration and assistance with our financial education work."

"With many Hong Kong people active in the financial markets and using a wide range of financial services, the IEC aims to help consumers and investors make more informed financial decisions, understand the risks of financial products and develop healthy attitudes towards finance and investing. The development of a more informed public contributes to the overall stability and reputation of Hong Kong's financial services sector, and indeed Hong Kong as a major international finance centre."

"It is also a good opportunity to remind consumers and investors to always know the risks of any financial product they are considering, understand their responsibilities in the transaction and think before they invest."

The IEC was launched on 20 November 2012 as a dedicated financial education organisation to better equip Hong Kong people with skills and knowledge to make informed and sound financial decisions. Over the past year, the IEC has launched a wide range of education campaigns, workshops and resources to help educate and inform the public about investing concepts, financial products, financial planning and money management, as well as the importance of consumer and investor rights and responsibilities.

For more information about the IEC's various education campaigns and resources, members of the public are invited to visit the IEC website (

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