Investor and Financial Education Council and 29 supporting organisations of the Financial Literacy Strategy jointly responded to public consultation on Hong Kong's primary and secondary curricula

Advocacy is one of the focuses of the Financial Literacy Strategy. An advocacy opportunity arose when the Task Force on Review of School Curriculum (Task Force) released its Consultation Document on 28 June 2019 to solicit views from members of the public on its initial recommendations on the primary and secondary curricula. The Task Force was set up by the Education Bureau to holistically review the primary and secondary curricula.

With the view that neither the current curricula nor the Task Force’s initial recommendations have reflected the need for financial education among schoolchildren, the IFEC and 29 supporting organisations of the Strategy submitted a joint response to the public consultation to advocate more prominence be given to financial literacy in the curricula. In addition, the IFEC also submitted its own detailed response to the consultation.

The IFEC will continue to seek other advocacy opportunities, including engaging policy makers, or educating stakeholders on the relevance of financial literacy. Supporting organisations are also encouraged to watch out for and participate in other advocacy opportunities.


25 Oct 2019