IEC launches dedicated Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect sitelet

10 November 2014

The Investor Education Centre (IEC) today announced the launch of a dedicated sitelet on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect to help investors better understand the operation and risks of the pilot programme.

The newly launched sitelet covers information such as investor protection and rules, major risks, distinct differences of trading arrangement of both stock markets, features and risks of Mainland stock market, glossary as well as frequently asked questions. It also features upcoming education activities, resources and news of the IEC relating to Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

Professor Leonard Cheng, Chairman of the IEC, said: "We welcome the imminent launch of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect as it brings additional opportunities to investors. We’ve launched this sitelet to help people understand this new programme and make informed investment decisions."

"While the dedicated sitelet provides comprehensive information to investors, the IEC will also organise a suite of educational programmes and resources across different media platforms and channels following the official launch of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. These initiatives include education videos, expert interviews, advertorials and newspaper column articles as well as free public seminars," he added.

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, the IEC will host the fourth free educational seminar for public participation on 8 December 2014. Video recording of the earlier seminar is also available on the sitelet for public review.

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