IEC publishes annual report: Get an early start on financial education

17 June 2015

The Investor Education Centre (IEC) today published its annual report 2014-15 highlighting the importance of financial education from an early age.

"Financial education should start as early as possible as it can provide our next generation with a good foundation to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence required to manage money better. As both teachers and parents play a major role in the transmission of financial habits and skills to children, we will also focus our efforts to improve their financial knowledge and capability in the coming year," said Professor Leonard Cheng, Chairman of the IEC.

"Over the past year, thanks to the invaluable support and contributions from our stakeholders, including members of the Executive Committee, we have enjoyed considerable success in financial education," added Professor Cheng.

Highlights of the IEC's achievements in the past year included:

  • launched an education campaign to help investors understand the pilot Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect programme, a ground-breaking cross-boundary investment channel between the Mainland and Hong Kong markets;
  • conducted the inaugural Financial Forum for cross-sector collaboration and sharing of experience;
  • produced a flagship TV drama series based on real-life stories to inspire behaviour change;
  • developed a suite of interactive tools to cater for the public’s different financial needs from budgeting and developing saving goals to checking financial health and planning for retirement;
  • expanded our outreach activities to service different community groups; and
  • conducted research to support the learning and teaching of financial literacy in schools.

"The IEC has built a solid foundation for taking a leading role in financial education. With support from the government as well as the finance, education and community sectors, we will continue to harness the strengths of stakeholders from various sectors by setting common goals that address the financial education needs of the whole population, and make a long-term impact on the level of financial literacy in Hong Kong," said Mr David Kneebone, General Manager of the IEC.

An online version of the annual report is available on the IEC website at

Photos and captions:

  • Image of the IEC Annual Report 2014-15 theme "Financial Education: Get an early start!"