Hong Kong Strategy for Financial Literacy Ambassadors raise awareness of the importance of financial literacy in Hong Kong

9 December 2015

To support the implementation of the Hong Kong Strategy for Financial Literacy (HKSFL), 11 ambassadors comprising community leaders and local heroes have joined up to advance financial literacy in Hong Kong.

Coming from different walks of life, the ambassadors of the HKSFL share a common commitment in raising awareness of the benefits of financial education among people around them through sharing their views and lessons towards managing their money, challenges facing in Hong Kong and the actions required to help improve the financial well-being of the population.

The 11 ambassadors included Mr Chan Wing Luk, Ms Chui Yuk Ha, Ms Christine Fang, Mr Moses Hsiao, Mr David Kneebone, Ms Viola Lam, Mr Ryan Lau, Mr Bruno Lee, Ms Shelley Lee, Mr Dick Lee and Mr Sze Kwok Hin. In form of videos, their sharing is now available for public review.

Mr TC Chan, Chairman, Steering Committee of the HKSFL said: "We are grateful for the support of the ambassadors who help stimulate public interest in their financial learning with an objective to instill the right attitudes and behaviour to address future challenges in our society. Through their networks, our messages can be delivered to the wider community in a more effective way."

Launched in November 2015, the HKSFL aims to harness the enthusiasm and efforts of various sectors by setting common goals and enabling cross-sectoral collaboration to address financial education needs in Hong Kong. The Strategy sets out for the first time a clear direction for financial literacy and provides a practical framework for actions across the government, finance, education and community sectors.

The Strategy is the first initiative of its kind in Hong Kong with three strategic focuses: raise awareness of the benefits of financial education, extend opportunities to learn and enhance coordination and collaboration among stakeholders. To date, 40 sector organisations and industry associations have signed up as supporting organisations, and together with 11 ambassadors will promote the benefits of financial education to the public. For details of the HKSFL and ambassador stories, please visit the following websites: