Investor Education Centre unveils new name and corporate identity

17 January 2019

The Investor Education Centre (IEC) unveiled its new corporate identity today that included a change in its corporate name and a new logo. The IEC has been renamed as the Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC) to reflect its commitment to raising financial literacy levels in Hong Kong through the provision of financial education and by leading and promoting cross-sectoral collaboration, with the end goal of helping Hong Kong people achieve financial well-being.

In line with the new identity, a series of changes in the corporate name and logo outlined below have been introduced with immediate effect:

  Old New
Corporate name (English)
Corporate name (Chinese)
Investor Education Centre
Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC)
投資者及理財教育委員會 (投委會)
Corporate logo
Website address and domain name of email addresses

The new corporate logo is inspired by the dollar sign to symbolise education on money-related matters. The interconnected speech bubbles represent communication, collaboration and engagement across the IFEC, members of the general public and stakeholders. The logo also shows two people talking to demonstrate the transfer of knowledge and interaction.

The logo features new and vibrant colours that reflect IFEC's journey into the next phase as it continues to gain momentum in its advocacy work, to gather more support and to take financial education to the next level in Hong Kong.

Chairman of the IFEC, Mr Lester Huang, said, "We have made solid progress since our establishment in 2012, and we are encouraged by the positive response and support from both the public and industry. Investor and financial education is a lifelong learning journey that can have a positive impact on one's finances and personal well-being."

"IFEC remains focused on our mission, and we will continue to serve as an organisation dedicated to fulfilling the financial education needs of people, to empower them to make informed financial decisions. I look forward to having more stakeholders join us to advance financial literacy in Hong Kong."

IFEC will continue to promote financial education through its consumer education platform The Chin Family. The Financial Literacy Strategy, that has been unveiled today, is intended to raise awareness, advocacy and collaboration, and facilitate a conducive environment for stakeholders to deliver more quality financial education to help raise financial literacy in Hong Kong.

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