Financial Education Champion Award 2020 Promotes Financial Literacy in Hong Kong

20 November 2019

  • The number of award winning organisations rose to 42 this year, representing wider participation from various sectors to improve the financial well-being of our society
  • Quality Award category introduced this year recognises six organisations for their outstanding efforts to raise the bar for quality financial education

The Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC) announced today the recipients of the Financial Education Champion (FEC) Award 2020. The award recognises the efforts and significant contributions of the industry to advance financial education and improve financial literacy across Hong Kong.

Now in its second year, the FEC Award aims at encouraging and mobilising stakeholders across various sectors to support and promote financial literacy and learning opportunities in accordance with the Financial Literacy Strategy.

The number of award winning organisations rose from 34 to 42 this year, with wider participation from different sectors. The awardees come from diversified backgrounds including the education, financial and community sectors, government agencies and professional bodies. Among the awardees, six organisations were honoured with the Financial Education Champion - Quality Award, a new award category to recognise their outstanding performance and on-going commitment in developing excellent financial education initiatives along with robust methods of evaluation.

IFEC Board Member Mr Andrew Wan said, “We are excited to see more organisations participating in the Financial Education Champion Award. Though we might come from different sectors and backgrounds, we all share a common commitment to raise financial literacy in Hong Kong. This is particularly important because it is only through collaboration that we can make financial education more pervasive and help to better the lives of Hong Kong people.”

The financial education initiatives highlighted by the FEC awardees are all non-profit making in nature covering a wide range of practical money management topics including saving, debt management, risk management, retirement planning, consumer rights and responsibilities, and investing. Organisations are assessed based on their contribution towards the improvement of financial literacy level of the general public and impact to the audience.

Click here for the list of awardees of the Financial Education Champion 2020.

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