Product overview


You need to carefully assess your individual and/or family needs for insurance, and then research insurance companies and their products to find the best fit. Always check the exclusions and conditions on any insurance policy and remember to give all the facts honestly when applying.

Common types of insurance

Insurance type Coverage
Life insurance Covers the financial needs of your dependents by paying a lump sum or regular payments in the case of your death
Investment Linked Assurance Scheme (ILAS) Is a life insurance-cum-long-term investment product. Learn more about its features and risks.
Medical insurance Reimburses the cost of all or some of your medical expenses if you happen to need medical care
Critical illness insurance Pays a lump sum if you're diagnosed with a specified critical illness
Accident insurance Provides benefits if you die, get injured or become disabled as the result of an accident and reimburses the medical expenses in case of injury
Home insurance It is usually a bundled policy with household contents insurance and some other insurance. Household contents insurance covers your household contents against loss and damage eg furniture.
Motor insurance Different types of motor insurance can cover the loss or damage to your car and that of third parties. Motor insurance to cover death or injury to third parties is a statutory requirement.
Travel insurance Provides cover for you and your personal belongings against an insured event when you are travelling
Annuity Helps policyholders convert their money into a steady stream of income over the long term. This enables them to spend their retirement savings in a disciplined way in an attempt to address the financial risks brought about by longevity.