Offering documents

Offer document

Prior to making investments, investors should check the information in the offering document to assess whether the ETF concerned matches their investment objectives and risk appetite. Investors can find out the following information from the offering document of an ETF:

  • The investment objective, and the key strategy the ETF manager is using to manage the ETF;
  • information about the management company;
  • the fees and charges that you will bear as an investor;
  • the ETF's dividend policy;
  • the channels through which trading information of the ETF will be disclosed;
  • the circumstances under which the ETF may be terminated;
  • (for passive ETF only) information about the underlying index that the passive ETF is tracking; and
  • (for passive ETF only) whether or not the passive ETF manager is using primarily financial derivative instruments to replicate the index; and if so, the website or other channels where information on financial derivative instruments (such as counterparty exposure and collateral information) is provided

An ETF's offering document, together with its financial statements, notices and announcements, etc. are available on the ETF's own website. Some of these materials can also be found on the website of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd.

Assess whether the product is suitable for you in light of your investment objectives, the amount of expenditure required to make the investment and your risk appetite.