Listed renminbi-denominated securities - yellow form IPO


As an upcoming class of products, listed renminbi securities are likely to come on the market shortly through initial public offering (IPO). To apply using a yellow form, you have to go through a brokerage or a bank. Please note the following:

Note 1: ask about details of renminbi bank account, as this may affect your IPO application and transaction settlement in future:
- Is there any third-party transfer limit for these renminbi bank accounts?
- Can I receive renminbi cheque book before IPO application deadline?
- Is there any upper limit set for each renminbi cheque drawn?

Furthermore, please ensure the red box at the end of the yellow form contains the Central Clearing and Settlement System (CCASS) Participant ID of an intermediary named in the relevant list as published at 9:00 am on the IPO closing date, otherwise, the application will be rejected.