Listed companies will hold an annual general meeting (AGM) every year, and extraordinary general meetings (EGM) whenever necessary to seek the approval of shareholders for proposed resolutions. These resolutions include certain major transactions or connected transactions, privatisations by way of a scheme of arrangement, and fundraising activities, e.g. rights issues and placings that will lead to substantial increase in share capital, generally require shareholders' approval.

Investors can access listed companies' announcements via the HKEXnews website. Shareholders can read the announcement concerning the shareholder meeting to understand the details including the date and resolutions.

Shareholders generally do not receive information directly from the company unless they hold shares in paper form and registered under their own name. Shareholders who deposit shares with their brokers/banks can provide their names and correspondence addresses to the respective share registrars via their brokers/banks in order to receive company communications. If shareholders have opened an investor account, they may relay their request to receive corporate communications directly to the CCASS (Central Clearing and Settlement System) nominee.

There are number of ways for shareholders to give voting instructions or to make arrangements to attend a shareholder meeting, depending on how their shares are held.

  • Shareholders holding physical share certificates may attend and vote at a shareholder meeting in person.


  • Shareholders who deposit shares with their broker or bank may provide voting instructions to the company via their broker or bank. If they wish to attend and vote at a shareholder meeting in person, they should contact their broker or bank to make arrangements.


  • Shareholders who maintain an investor account, or have opened a Stock Segregated Account with statement service (SSA) through their broker or bank can make use of the CCASS Phone System or CCASS Internet System to provide voting instructions, or choose to attend and vote at a shareholder meeting in person.

30 November 2017