Loan fraudsters: I can help you get a loan easily

Anti deception

We should always be vigilant about someone who offers unsolicited help to us without apparent reason. Don't think you are in luck when a stranger calls you and claims to be able to help you to secure a loan easily. This is probably a sign of a scam.



Tips for fraud prevention

  • The risk-warning message “You have to repay your loans. Don't pay any intermediaries.” is carried in all moneylending advertisements, hence people are on their guard against those who claim to be loan intermediaries. However, keep in mind that conmen can pretend to be all sorts of people apart from loan intermediaries, e.g. bank staff, financial advisers and experts in order to put you off your guard.
  • Fraudsters are not only good actors but also good liars. “I can help you…” is the common lie of fraudsters. Loan fraudsters may claim that they can help us get loans without income proof, get the low interest rate loans, get loans for investments, or help us to restructure our loans. Do not trust too easily or you can end up a victims of their scams and lies.


21 Feburary 2019