Avoid telephone scams

Anti deception
Phone scams

Conmen can get hold of you in a variety of ways, including by telephone. Sadly, these scams can be very convincing, so be careful and do take note of the following phone scams:

Relatives Needing Money

The conman calls you and pretends to be a relative, friend or business connection. They say they are in urgent need of money. They will tell you not to hang up, and then ask you to put money into their account, or give it to an accomplice, or even leave it somewhere.

Fake Mainland Officials

Conmen pretend to be all sorts of people, including public officials or couriers. They may call and say you have broken a Mainland law, like money laundering, or having illegal goods. They will then transfer you to a fake Mainland official, who will convince you it is true, in order to get money out of you.

Fake caller ID numbers

You should also beware of caller ID spoofing. It is a technique used by the fraudster to pretend as yourself by falsifying your number on the caller ID display. Once you answer the call, a telephone recording will ask your credit card number or other financial information. If you fail to stay alert and input your personal information, the fraudster will make use of your information for unlawful purpose such as using the credit card without your authorization.


The video footage in this section comes from Fight Scams Together. This is provided by the Anti-Deception Coordination Centre (ADCC) of Hong Kong Police Force to prevent fraud. Go to the website for the latest scam information.

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