Hong Kong Money Month 2023 “Be a Digital Finance Hero” TVC

Hong Kong Money Month
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In the digital age, there are various personal financial management tools and online resources at our fingertips to help our money management and financial wellness. Let’s pick up new knowledge and skills and apply them to work towards our financial goals.

Let's power up our digital financial literacy. Take action now and become a digital finance hero!

Where did my money go?

Managing finances need not be stressful. Use the IFEC Money Tracker mobile application to track expenditures and improve your finances! IFEC Money Tracker helps you manage your budget, record income and expenses, and set and track your savings goals. You can also create budget items and set reminders according to your personal needs, allowing you to manage your personal finances anytime, anywhere.

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Android version

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iOS version

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Beware of financial scams

Financial scam tactics are everchanging and becoming harder to avoid. The IFEC “One day adventure with Grandparents Chin” is an interactive digital game that helps you to identify potential scams and learn how to take preventive measures.

"One day adventure with Grandparents Chin" anti-financial-scam game (Chinese only)

Ideal Retirement Life

Mr Chin’s retirement consists of a comfortable retirement fund, a capital-protected investment portfolio, stable passive income and comprehensive medical coverage. Use the IFEC’s Retirement Planning Calculator to map out your retirement needs. You will be provided with an analysis report and an action plan outlining key considerations for your retirement, bringing you one step closer to achieving your goals.