Good Old Times - free kid’s event 2019

Good Old Times

Mark your calendars for IFEC’s The Chin Family kid’s event 2019! The much anticipated kids event is coming back from 29 Jun to 9 July this summer. Your kids will learn money skills in a fun way for free.




Date: 29 June - 9 July, 2019
Time: 11am to 7pm
Venue: Plaza Hollywood, Diamond Hill

Role-play learning activities for children and resources for parents to use, performances and certificates and gifts for participants.


Children aged 4-10

Online registration for role-play activities:

Online registration
First round: starts at 1:00pm 25 June (Registration for 29 June – 4 July)

Second round: starts at 1:00pm 2 July (Registration for 5 - 9 July)

Enrolment details (Please refer to the Chinese version for more details)

Group booking for schools or NGOs (Please email

Special events (Walk-in, no need to pre-register)

Talent Contest - Final cum Prize Presentation Ceremony
See how the participants put their skills and creativity to promote money management knowledge.

7 July (Sunday) 3-4:30pm

Judges: Mr Lau Kong, Mr Roland Leung

Quiz challenge by the IFEC 3A Financial Literacy Ambassadors
To encourage the sharing between the younger and older generations, the senior ambassadors will test the children’s knowledge around proper money habits and Hong Kong culture and tradition.

29 June & 6 July (Saturday)
12:30-2pm / 5-6:15pm
30 June & 7 July (Sunday)

Special session with mystery guest!
30 June (Sunday)

Engages children with money basics through interactive storytelling.

29 June (Saturday) & 6 July (Saturday) 3 - 5pm
Balloon twisting (Quotas apply and will be available on a first come, first served basis)

1 July (Monday) 11am-1pm / 2-4pm
6 July (Saturday) 11am-1pm
Pastel Nagomi art parent and child workshop (Quotas apply and will be available on a first come, first served basis)

29 June (Saturday) 11am-1pm


Frequently Asked Questions (in Chinese only)



18 Jul 2019