Once Upon a Dime

What if you could reset your money management journey and make those important decisions all over again? Our latest TV drama series, co-produced with Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), shows how it could have made a difference if people could do just that. The drama helps you realise the importance of reflecting on your money management behaviour and planning your financial future.

Titled “Once Upon a Dime”, this insightful series of eight 30-minute TV dramas covers money management, debt management, saving, investing and financial and retirement planning. Based on real life cases, it encourages viewers to:

  • set clear and realistic financial goals which in turn inspire decisive action and regular saving;
  • implement personal budgeting, set saving goals and plans, and prepare for emergencies;
  • understand financial products and manage risk through a stop-loss strategy and realistic expectations when it comes to returns; and
  • think carefully about borrowing and using credit products to avoid over stretching and poor debt management.

In the TV series, the main characters can turn back time and make wiser decisions about their finances. The drama is inspired by real life observations by frontline social workers regarding the financial behaviour of Hong Kongers. The series also takes story lines from real-life cases of individuals and families who have learnt lessons about tackling debt and other money problems.

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Channel: TVB Jade and RTHK 31 channels; and RTHK Screen mobile application
Broadcast time and date: Aired every Wednesday at 7pm from 21 January to 18 March (excluding 25 February) 2015
Re-run: RTHK 31 channel and other pay TV channels
Archived: RTHK website (www.rthk.hk)
Trailers: IEC YouTube channel and RTHK YouTube channel

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