“Social Worker Financial Literacy Trainer Programme” Workshop



The Investor and Financial Education Council, in collaboration with Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service and Child Development Fund (CDF) under the Labour and Welfare Bureau will be organising a workshop for the “Social Worker Financial Trainer Programme”.

The programmes aims to:

  • To train social workers and staffs of social programmes such as the CDF about the teaching methodologies and strategies to carry out financial education in their own programmes.
  • To enhance the financial literacy level of the participating social workers and staffs, so that they can become financial trainers to organise financial education activities and trainings to children, parents and mentors.
  • To train participants on how to use the financial education materials/tools/resources provided in the workshop.


  • A maximum of 5 social workers or staffs from the CDF operators. NGOs and schools which are not CDF operators but are keen to carry out financial education programmes are also welcome.


Date 23 May, 2019(Thursday)
Time 09:30 - 17:30
Quota 30 (Full)
Fee Free of charge
  • Set financial goals, do budgeting and make plans
  • Saving plan, smart consumption, consumer rights and protection
  • How to teach your kids or mentees about money management
  • Formulate the financial plan for further study and career
  • How to teach money management to participants with the board game and card game


Participants will receive a certificate upon the completion of the workshop and financial education materials/tools/resources.

8 May 2019