World Investor Week 2023
Enhance understanding of emerging investment trends and risks

There is always something new in the ever-changing investment universe. To capture new opportunities and manage the risks, investors need to keep learning and stay informed about new ideas and skills.

The rapid development of financial technology such as artificial intelligence ("AI") and blockchain has reshaped our perception of financial services and introduced new financial products, including various virtual assets. Meanwhile, sustainable investing is gaining more attention due to the growing concern about climate change. This investment concept, which considers both financial returns and environmental and social benefits, challenges the conventional idea that investment is all about generating returns.

In addition to learning new ideas and skills, investors must comprehend the fundamentals of investing. The macroeconomic environment is closely linked to market performance. Interest rate hikes, which began last year, have had an impact on a variety of businesses and assets, including stocks, real estate, foreign exchange, bonds, and commodities. It has also influenced investor attitudes and habits. Furthermore, because of the increased importance of innovation and technology, the technology sector now plays an important role in the stock market. Electric vehicles, AI, and semiconductors have been some of the trendiest themes of recent years, with related companies attracting investment interest. However, investors should avoid stepping into unfamiliar territories and thoroughly understand the features and risks associated with tech stocks before making any decisions.

Keeping up with the latest investment trends

Strike the Gong for Financial Literacy

IFEC and HKEX co-hosted Strike the Gong for Financial Literacy event. Mr Tim Lui, the Chairman of the SFC and Ms Vanessa Lau, Group Chief Financial Officer of HKEX delivered speeches for the event. During the event, there was a panel discussion in which experts discussed the financial return and ESG benefits of sustainable investing.


    About World Investor Week

    World Investor Week is an international event initiated by the International Organization of Securities Commissions to promote investor education and investor protection.

    This year, the education themes of World Investor Week include virtual assets, sustainable finance, and investor resilience. Other topics include fraud prevention, basics of investing, and technology and digital finance.

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