Promoting money management concept to tertiary freshmen

First-year tertiary students may, for the first time in their life, work part-time and receive a salary, or be eligible to apply for a credit card. To raise awareness of personal finance among tertiary students and encourage them to manage their money properly, the IEC reached out to freshmen from nine tertiary institutions during their orientation camps.

From August to September 2014, the IEC designed and organised two fun games carrying messages about distinguishing needs and wants before consumption and the smart use of credit cards for the orientation camps organised by various student societies of the tertiary institutions.

The warm atmosphere of orientation camps helped deliver these important financial messages to the youth. The games were well received by the participants and many students felt the games useful in motivating them to change their financial habits. We also gave out some 5,000 souvenirs which carry a message about “managing money with passion; staying calm in investing”.

The IEC’s games were well received by the participating freshmen who found them interesting and effective in raising their awareness of personal finance.