Introducing to children the concept of money

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Teaching children the concept of money is the first step to helping them understand its value. Children may not fully understand the concept of currency and denominations. For example, they may think that two two-dollar coins are worth more than one five-dollar coin.

The activities below are suitable for children between 6 to 8 years old to let them experience and learn about the different forms of currency.

4 money learning activities to try

  1. Go to the supermarket with your children and choose an article that you need to buy, Take out some banknotes and coins equivalent to the price of the article and count it together with your children.
  2. Give your children a variety of banknotes and coins and ask them to make different combinations of ten dollars within the shortest time. This can train them to distinguish the face value of currency.
  3. Take your children a fast food shop and give them some money to pay for their food. This will let them learn to distinguish and count out the money and receive the appropriate change.
  4. Top up your Octopus Card together with your children. Explain to them that the Octopus Card is an electronic currency and they need to add value to the cards with cash in order to use the card to pay for items and transportation fares.