Keeping belongings safe at school

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It is crucial to teach children to take good care of their personal property, parents can start by encouraging children to look after their personal belongings at school, and gradually turn this into a good habit.

Be a smart keeper

Parents can explain to the children that their personal belongings may be damaged or lost for various reasons at school. It could be taken by someone else by mistake, lost or damaged by themselves or others. Remind them to keep a close eye on their belongings, while being mindful of the following:


  • Keep their belongings in their bag or locker
  • Put their name or a label on their belongings
  • Protect their belongings properly, such as wrapping text books in protective film
  • Check if they have packed everything before leaving school


  • Leave their belongings all over the place
  • Forget to put their name or a label on their belongings 
  • Carry a lot of cash, valuable objects or other items not recommended by the school


When something is missing, children should be taught to stay calm, and not get angry or upset. Ask them to seek help from teachers or parents immediately, and try to look for the items again. If they had broken something, they should think about how to avoid the same mistake again.

Last but not least, parents should not replace the lost item immediately, especially if your children have lost it. Suggest buying a replacement using their pocket money or red packet money to help them learn and understand their responsibilities as owners, and the consequences of their negligence.


18 September 2020