Deconstructing investment scams

Tips for retirement
Investment scams

Be prudent with your investments, and beware of frauds too. Fraudsters have their eyes on your pension and savings, and could deceive you by purporting to help you invest. If you fall victim to scammers, you may lose all your hard-earned savings for supporting your retired life.

Forward the following contents so that you, your relatives and friends can learn a thing or two about how to avoid scams.

  • The nature of scams

    Investment scams come in all forms. You can avoid falling victim to fraudsters by learning to recognise the nature of a scam, no matter how it is presented.

    • Scams take advantage of people's greed. They promise fast, high returns to lure you in.

    • Fraudsters try to gain your trust in different ways, so that you become less defensive.

  • Tips to avoid scams

    These practical tips can help you avoid falling victim to fraudsters.

    • Beware of investment plans with unrealistically high returns.

    • Do not blindly dive into investment opportunities recommended by others, including those suggested by your friends and family.

    • Do not base your investment decisions solely on information from the internet.

    • Before making a decision, consider it from all angles and be clear about the risks involved. Never make hasty decisions.

    • Be extra careful when purchasing complicated investment products, and seek professional opinion.

    • Be vigilant about the latest trends and methods of scammers.