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As you do not have a crystal ball to foresee the future, you should never put all your funds in a single investment and hope for it to be the winning one. Diversify to build a portfolio that meets your investment objective and risk tolerance.

Points to note about managing investment portfolio after retiring.

Keep it conservative. More than half your portfolio should consist of low risk and return assets, including cash or savings. The proportion of low risk and return assets should increase with the investor's age. Keep single investment low. No single investment should dominate your portfolio, e.g. a residential apartment or a stock that takes up as much as or more than half of your portfolio, to avoid risk concentration. Maintain liquidity. The assets in your portfolio should maintain a certain level of liquidity to meet your spending needs. Review your portfolio. Major life events, e.g., if you or your spouse fall ill or if your children start their own families. Economic and financial incidents that affect the fundamentals of the investment market.